Researcher, Producer, Organizer


I produce sound-rich stories from intimate moments—as everyday people stretch beyond the cultures that ensnare them.


Production Portfolio


“The truth about stories is,
that’s all we are.”

—Thomas King


“The Internal Coup” (42:08), “Some Reservations” (44:26) and 3 other episodes of The Coup

“Companies that win aren’t smarter; they’re braver. And companies don’t pivot; leaders do. Once a leader can accept they’re resisting change, that’s when the real work begins…

See, David’s coup didn’t begin as a hero hitting a behemoth with a silver bullet between the eyes. It started with target practice.”

From September to November, 2019, marketing expert Ron Tite dives deep into the forces of disruption where business and culture collide.

Co-written and assistant-produced for the Rogers Frequency Podcast Network under Senior Producer Allie Graham (Canadaland).


Photo credit: Chris Connolly. Designed by: Jess Shane.

Photo credit: Chris Connolly. Designed by: Jess Shane.

"Black Beach" (10:33)

"She’s allowed to do that. Because it's her life, and she's allowed to do that."

Two childhood friends reconnect in heartache on an isolated cove of the Bay of Fundy, and flounder about as men in what they might otherwise have learned as boys. 

Produced for an episode of the sound art project Constellations, and selected for the upcoming 2018 SurroundSound radio documentary festival (July 4-26). 

Thanks to Lee Rosevere for permission to use their track "Illuminations" in this piece.

"Kisher Pari" [Armenian: "Goodnight"] (3:21)

"I have no idea what I said during the eulogy."

A young woman excavates fragments of family memory that her grandmother carried to Toronto from 1960's Istanbul.

Produced as part of a radio documentary course at the Duke Centre for Documentary Studies. 


“The Third Story” (15:10)

“It became very quickly apparent as I showed up to chairs arranged in an audience like this, that I was not an observer. I was a part of it.”

Over three progressive vignettes, an otherwise feel-good anecdote from abroad cracks apart to reveal something less nameable. Leaving me to face the colonial legacies of which I was a part—if not as I led my project of ‘research’ across rural Ghana in 2009, then perhaps since returning to a more complicated sense of home.

Performed live at Raconteurs Storytelling Toronto on  April 8th, 2015, and inspired by the monthly theme “Kindness of Strangers.” (Note: Real names have been changed.)



Artist Statement

The stories and sounds of my work centre on not-so-uncommon people who are hopeful but conflicted about the possibilities of friendship and liberation in the arenas of everyday life.

My projects focus on the artistic and political content of simple conversations that veer from the daily script. I re-work personal storytelling and field recordings to underline the sacred within the mundane. The spoken within the unspoken. The search for meaning and connection within their rupture. 


“To make a new world, you start with an old one, certainly.
To find a world, maybe you have to have lost one.
Maybe you have to be lost.

”The dance of renewal, the dance that made the world,
was always danced here at the edge of things,
on the brink, on the foggy coast.”

—Ursula K. Le Guin


Ultimately, I aim to complicate the way mainstream Canada thinks about the processes and practices of ‘social change.' 

The renewal I envision is one that encourages as much as it challenges. For those of us stumbling towards breakthrough on the other side of breakdown. Or, in less sweeping moments, there is something worthwhile that emerges from an awkward encounter, long suppressed—certainly there must be?

Whatever we call that dance, whatever rhythm it beats to, it is not only real, but irresistible.