Researcher, Producer, Organizer


Hey there, my name’s Chris.

I’m a design researcher and story producer fascinated by the complexities of culture change in the place now called Canada.


As a design researcher, 

I facilitate collaborative learning experiences that draw actionable insights from in-depth research & community feedback.

After all, research is story.

As a writer & editor,

I develop and curate content—narrative, data-driven, deep-dive—that moves hearts, minds & hands towards connection, engagement and play.

After all, messaging is story.

As an documentary producer,

I produce sound-rich stories from intimate, unsteady
moments—as everyday people go off-script from the cultures that ensnare them.

After all, art is story.

Photo credit: Fatin Chowdhury.

Photo credit: Fatin Chowdhury.


Over the past 10 years, I’ve called my career by many names: from policy analysis
and community organizing, to qualitative research and storytelling.


Research & Design.

What drives me:

A belief in process tools like human-centred design that help creative misfits and discerning idealists to learn their stories…

…so we can stay relevant and adaptable within
the oceans of complexity we all know and loathe so well.

Writing & Curation.

What inspires me:

An allegiance to the timeless few whose journalistic instincts beat with a science-fiction heart…

…so we can question where we stand, unearth where
we’ve been, and muddle through to where we must one day go.

Stories & Culture Change.

What gets me up in the morning:

A faith in the healing possibilities that wait across the threshold of ‘No More’…

…so we can keep connected,
however fraught (or downright awkward) it may become.



Ah yes, and as a human,

I’ve spent time as a cooperative housing manager, a compulsive essayist and live storyteller, a hapless meditator, and a relentless hobbyist (currently: boxing).

What grounds me:

The footsteps laid down by Nanny Isobel and Grampy Bert…

who showed me what it means to be a gracious
dinner guest and a warm-hearted oddball, respectively.



Territorial acknowledgement

Since 2012, I have called my home Tkaronto/Toronto in One Dish One Spoon treaty territory since 2012, with strong roots remaining in the Kennebecasis Valley of Southern New Brunswick, the traditional and unceded land of the Wolastoqiyik.